About UnionTAX

The UnionTAX corporate group is a Europe-wide service provider in the area of ​​European tax refunds and child benefits applications. Our activities extend to the European states.

The UnionTAX group of companies employs more than 50 people across Europe, and obtains some € 35,000,000 annually in tax refunds and child benefits for its clients. This makes the corporate group one of Europe's market leaders, and one which is steadily expanding its market position.

Take advantage of Europe's market leader­

Your partner in Europe for tax refunds and child benefits applications.

Year after year, workers lose millions in already-paid income taxes throughout Europe, as well as child allowances or other social benefits payments, because language problems make it impossible to apply for a tax refund or child benefits.

Staffy by specialized tax consultants and attorneys, we have the professional expertise to give you the appro­priate and successful support in this area.

Another focus of our activity is providing guidance to employees during work assignments in other European countries. Here, our team is always at your side with the appropriate linguistic support in the event of conflicts, disagreements and legal issues.

"Who we are. What we do. What we stand for."

We are the market leader for Europe-wide tax re­funds, appli­ca­tions for child bene­fit, social bene­fits and legal represen­ta­tion.

With over 35 million euros in reim­burse­ment every year, we are the lea­ding pro­vider in Europe when it comes to help citi­zens from EU coun­tries with de­claring taxes and apply­ing for child bene­fit in Germany and Europe.

We act fair­ly and trans­parently on your be­half and fo­cus on sustain­able, professio­nal and trust­worthy coopera­tion.

The inte­rests of our clients are the center of every­thing we do.

We offer excel­lent custo­mer ser­vice and barrier-free, fast and un­compli­cated commu­nica­tion in your natio­nal langu­age.

Our vision & mission

Market leader

With an annu­al reim­burse­ment of over 35 million euros and over 10,000 clients per year, we are the mar­ket lea­der for Europe-wide tax re­funds, appli­cations for child bene­fit, social bene­fits and legal represen­ta­tion. It is our goal to stay that way.

Top service provider

We are the lea­ding ser­vice pro­vider in Europe when it comes to hel­ping citi­zens from EU coun­tries with de­cla­ring taxes and apply­ing for child bene­fit in Germany and Europe. The satis­fac­tion of our clients as well as the expan­sion and streng­then­ing of our posi­tion are impor­tant to us.

Fair employer

In the inte­rests of our clients, we rely on excel­lently trai­ned and highly moti­va­ted emplo­yees. We main­tain a coopera­tive manage­ment style based on open commu­ni­ca­tion and mutual trust. We pro­mote a good work-life balance and offer a wide range of develop­ment oppor­tuni­ties.


For us, corpo­rate respon­sibility also means respon­sibility for the planet. We value sustain­able pro­cesses and work every day to keep our eco­lo­gi­cal foot­print as low as possi­ble. Our goal - CO₂-neu­tral by 2027.

We have to say that

" As the market leader with an annual reimburse­ment of more than 35 million euros, we are proud to say that we have helped over 100,000 EU citi­zens with their tax and child allow­ance reimburse­ment. We guaran­tee to continue to be a reliable and fair partner for our clients and employees - that's what we stand for with our word. "

T. Fricke & F. Niedermann

Our team

Our team con­sists of exclu­sively quali­fied law­yers, tax clerks and committed emplo­yees with many years of practi­cal experience.

The UnionTAX group

UnionTAX International Swiss

UnionTAX International Swiss provides and brokers tax services and legal services in the areas of payroll tax refunds, income tax refunds and child benefit applications throughout Europe.

UnionTAX Management SRL

UnionTAX Management pro­vides profes­sional custo­mer services, client sup­port and office services in all European languages.

UnionTAX & LAW

UnionTAX & LAW repre­sents the Group's com­­panies and clients vis-à-vis em­plo­yers, tax offices, family funds, etc., and pro­­vides inter­­national legal advice and legal servi­ces both within the Group and for exter­nal clients.

UnionRight Fluggast­entschädigungen

UnionRight pro­vides global air­line passen­ger compen­sation services.

“In your area. For you. On site."

With a large num­ber of loca­tions and over 10,000 clients annu­ally, we are one of the lea­ding ser­vice pro­viders in Europe for Euro­pean tax refunds, child bene­fit appli­cations and European tax and legal matters.

Our goal - barrier-free communi­cation and satis­fied custo­mers. Thanks to our Europe-wide locations, we are not just easy to reach in your natio­nal langu­age, also we are always available to help you on site - by phone and in our ameni­ties.

Our power­ful net­work en­ables us to communi­cate across Europe and inclu­des several offices, agen­cies and service cen­ters across Europe.

Become a part of our team!

In order to achieve excel­lent results, we are con­stantly looking for moti­vated talents for our team who actively con­tri­bute to achiev­ing the best possi­ble result for our clients. We offer a plea­sant wor­king atmos­phere, modern office space, career oppor­tuni­ties and per­so­nal develop­ment pros­pects. Choose a modern and inno­va­tive com­pany - apply now!


Income Tax Refunds

As a foreign employee, you also need to know how to declare your taxes in your host country - other­wise you may be overpaying hundreds or even thousands of euros to the tax authorities in your host country every year. UnionTAX will help you to complete your tax returns simply and efficiently anywhere in Europe!

Child benefit
in the European Union

If you are working in another EU country, or have done so in recent years, you are also entitled to child benefit in the host country - sometimes up to five years retroactively - regardless of where your children live. With UnionTAX, submitting a claim anywhere in Europe is child's play.

Legal Represen­tation

We will represent you in the courts of Europe. When a dispute arises, UnionTAX lawyers and tax experts can help you overcome language barriers just as easily as the specific hurdles of regional legislation in Europe.


Do you have any questions?

Our experienced experts will help you with your request – and of course in your local language. Just call us free of charge or send us an e-mail.

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