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Your wage and/or income tax is our top priority

Every year, millions of people who work abroad pay wage and/or income tax there every month.

But only a few know that they can potentially have these taxes fully or partially refunded to them at the end of the year by submitting tax applications to the foreign tax authorities.

For example, according to data from Stiftung Warentest (Finanztest, May 2009), statistical surveys indicate that taxpayers in the Federal Republic of Germany who do not submit a tax return lose an average refund of 900 euros per year.

In addition, various countries (Denmark) require taxpayers to file a return on their own each year.

Imp­ortant require­ments

It's important that you save all documents relevant to your wages, as you must always attach supporting documents to your tax application.

Many employers also provide you with a certificate at years-end which displays all the required information. Naturally, every country has different regulations that need to be considered.

We also specialize in the different tax environments which are in effect in the various EU countries.

Our employees are well trained in this regard and will provide you with specialized assistance.

Another important point to remember is that you must carefully store all documents and evidence which arises in connection with your work abroad. These are mainly rental costs, airfare, bus costs and fuel bills.

Record and document every visit to family back home, including the associated costs. Please do this very precisely, because it will pay off in the end.

Our Service

Our services get you to your destination without any obstacles, i.e. a well-deserved tax refund.

If important documents have been lost, don't lose heart.

In these instances, we do everything possible to provide you with replacements so that in the end all documentation for a successful tax refund is available.

Here's how it works: In order for us to be able to work out a customized solution package for you, we'll first discuss your case with you personally and in detail.

This can be done conveniently either by phone or email - a visit to our premises is not mandatory.

Once you've submitted all the documentation, we'll submit the appropriate applications to the relevant tax authorities and take care of all correspondence. Sit back and relax.

We take care of and oversee the entire refund process for you.

We only consider your order to be successfully completed after you've received payment on your account - and at fair terms.

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