Welcome to UnionTAX

We are your competent pan-European tax refund and child benefit disbursement partner!

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File a claim for your German tax refund and child benefits through us!

UnionTAX has the resources and tools to work as your dependable partner when it comes to successfully claiming refunds and benefits due to you from the German authorities. Thanks to our expertise, you will receive your funds quickly and without any hassles!

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Retain UnionTAX to file for your tax refund in Europe!

If you have worked in any European country outside of Germany, it is almost always worthwhile to file for a tax refund. UnionTAX makes it very easy for your to submit your foreign language tax return abroad: You simply talk to us, we file your return on your behalf as your representatives, handle all correspondence with the respective internal revenue service offices and successfully claim your entitlements - in all of Europe.

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File your European child benefit claims through UnionTAX

UnionTAX also makes successful child benefit claims in all of Europe a breeze. Commission us as your representative and we will handle everything from the application to the transfer of your benefits into your account.

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File retroactively for up to four years

UnionTAX also handles retroactive tax returns  -  for up to the previous four years. Hence, we urge you to file promptly. You may still be eligible for refunds for recent tax years!

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Place your trust in the European market leader

More than 10,000 clients file their returns through us every year - definitive proof of the confidence they have in our expert advice, professional representation and fair approach.

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Call us toll-free anywhere in Europe

You can reach our tax and child benefit experts on our toll-free telephone service hotline all over Europe from
Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm; just dial 00800 31 999 444.

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Online tax computation for Germany

Use our online tax calculator to determine your potential tax refund the easy way. Then click through a few simple steps to conveniently retain our tax refund services online.

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File your German child benefits claim online

Do you have children? Do you work in Germany? If so, we urge you to file an expedited online child benefits claim through UnionTAX today. If you wait, you might risk the forfeiture of your valuable benefits.

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Did you misplace your tax documents?

No problem - we will obtain them on your behalf from your employer. Simply enter the required data online and we'll take care of everything else.

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Welcome to UnionTAX

The UnionTAX Group is a leading Europe-wide service provider for European tax refunds, child benefit applications, European flight delay compensation, and European tax and legal issues*. Boasting nearly 10 years of experience, we help over 10,000 clients a year to successfully claim tax refunds, child benefit and compensation in other European countries.

* No legal representation for Swiss civil and criminal courts.

What we do for you

Tax refunds throughout Europe

As a foreign employee, you also need to know how to declare your taxes in your host country - other­wise you may be overpaying hundreds or even thousands of euros to the tax authorities in your host country every year. UnionTAX will help you to complete your tax returns simply and efficiently anywhere in Europe!

Child benefit in other EU countries

If you are working in another EU country, or have done so in recent years, you are also entitled to child benefit in the host country - sometimes up to five years retroactively - regardless of where your children live. With UnionTAX, submitting a claim anywhere in Europe is child's play.

Europe-wide legal representation

We will represent you in the courts of Europe. When a dispute arises, UnionTAX lawyers and tax experts can help you overcome language barriers just as easily as the specific hurdles of regional legislation in Europe.

Tax translations

Transparent, understandable and comprehensible – that's what the ideal tax return should look like to be accepted and approved by the tax office. Especially when you're operating abroad, the topic of "taxes" can become an insur­moun­table language problem.

Take advantage of Europe's market leader

„UnionTAX - Experts on Europe-wide tax translations, tax refunds and social benefits payments“

UnionTAX  Your partner in Europe for tax refunds and child benefits applications.

Year after year, workers lose millions in already-paid income taxes throughout Europe, as well as child allowances or other social benefits payments, because language problems make it impossible to apply for a tax refund or child benefits.

Staffy by specialized tax consultants and attorneys, we have the professional expertise to give you the appro­priate and successful support in this area.

Another focus of our activity is providing guidance to employees during work assignments in other European countries. Here, our team is always at your side  with the appropriate linguistic support in the event of conflicts, disagreements and legal issues.

Through years of experience in the field of trans­lation and interpreting as legally recognized inter­preters and translators in various languages, we're able to offer you the help and support you need.

Furthermore, we also specialize in the translation of documents, tax balance sheets as well as all decla­rations from the specialized areas of taxes and labor law.

News & Services

Information about child benefits

Here you will find changes regarding child benefit payments in Germany, and information on what you need to do now.

UnionTAX Online Tax Refund

Have you worked in Germany for the past few years? Then Germany definitely owes you money.

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Careers at UnionTAX

For us at UnionTAX, it is important that our employees feel well looked after in their professional environ­ment, and are happy with their working conditions.

Our locations

Romanshorn (Switzerland)

Obere Zelgstrasse 2
8590 Romanshorn TG

Phone: +41 (0)71 541 14 44

Friedrichshafen (Germany)

Karlstr. 41
D-88045 Friedrichshafen

Phone: +49 (0)7541 400 40 00

Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Einhoven Kennedy Toren
Kennedyplein 200
5611 ZT Eindhoven

Phone: +31 (0)40 798 54 88

Bukarest (Romania)

Bulevardul Magheru 1-3, Sec. 1
RO-010 321 Bucuresti

Phone: +40 (0)31 229 55 55

SF-Gheorghe (Romania)

str. 1 Decembrie 1918 nr 33-37
RO-520 023 Sfantu Gheorghe

Phone: +40 (0)3122 955 56

Prague (Czechia)

Bucharova 2657/12
158 00 Praha 5

Phone: +42 (0)22 622 63 79

Budapest (Hungary)

Rákóczi út 42
HU-1072 Budapest

Phone: 00800 31 999 444

Vienna (Austria)

Donau-City-Straße 7 / 30th floor
DC Tower
A-1220 Vienna

Phone: +43 (0)1 205 517 039


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